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It seems fruitless to have a web site without a goal or a purpose. But the internet is communication, asynchronous and synchronous, with or without intend. And this is what this page is for. Entry point for friends or turntable for the (yet) unknown. How wants to know more about me must take the hussel to search and collect or even better leave the virtual and enter the real world.

Thus here are some links to

Oh yes, then there is also the topic of healthy nutrition? Who do I treat myself? What do I do if I have the feeling that classical physicians do not tackle the reason of my illness? What if I don't want to try everything, but would like to be consulted by someone who treast me, in an biblical sense, as a godly creation? www.heil-werden.info.

Last but not least the topic of love and wonderful people! There is a very special web site about a very special marriage. The pages are protected, but the start page offers a list of very helpful persons and enterprises.

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