Music in the Castle

Welcome to Music in the Castle

Music in the Castle is a very special format of folk festival! These pages were set up to let more people get an impression of what awaits them each Easter in beautiful Cowal and to build a virtual meeting point for all the people who became friends during these weekends.

There are people that have visited each Music in the Castle since 2000. The audience comes from as far as Israel, the USA, Germany and England.

Each weekend sees a mix of music workshops, outdoor events (hill walking, abseiling, canoeing, kayaking,...), long evening sessions, a ceilidh dance and a concert:

Lorna and Dave have announced that there will be NO Music in the Castle 2009. Whether this is the end or just a recreational pause is not decided yet.

For further information on the event and Scottish folk music in general You can access the web site of Lorna and Dave Dewar, who organise the festival. To find out more about the location, check the web site of the Benmore Centre.

These pages include a lot of information that are only intended for the attendees of Music in the Castle, thus You have to register and log into these pages to access most of the information.

If You ever have been at La Jeusseliniere, please visit the La Jeusseliniere fan page.

For requesting the continuation of that festival or just want express Your gratitude for nine wonderful years, please contact Lorna and Dave. Their details are given below.

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