Music in the Castle
Easter 2008

This page contains some audible exerpts from Easter Music in the Castle Festival 21st to 24th of March 2008 in Benmore Castle, Argyll, Scotland.

If You have recordings that should be added, please send them to me. The recordings have been resampled to make them smaller. All data can be requested as uncompressed WAV files.

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Organisation:  Lorna & Dave Dewar
The tutors: Georg McGill:  Guitar
  Stan Graham: Musical Jamboree

Listen to excerpts from the sessions...

If I have misspelled titles or names please bear with me and send me corrections via eMail!

  Title Time Downloads
1.Dave Dewar and Dave Jones - Introduction 4:16MP3 3.89 MB
2.Stan Graham - The Olive and the Vine 4:18MP3 3.92 MB
3.Miklas Borbe - Norland Wind 3:10MP3 2.89 MB
4.Alex - Rolling Hills of the Borders (Matt McGinn) 1:50MP3 1.67 MB
5.May Diver - McGinty's Meal and Ale (George Bruce Thomson) 4:10MP3 3.82 MB
6.Cath Parkin - Birnie Bouzle (James Hogg) 1:47MP3 1.64 MB
7.Rosie Mapplebeck - She's Like the Swallow (Trad.) 3:10MP3 2.89 MB
8.Steve Harris - Lock keeper 4:11MP3 3.82 MB
9.Brian Cherrie - Across the great divide (Kate Wolf) 4:17MP3 3.92 MB
10.Birgit Jandok - Set of Tunes 3:05MP3 2.83 MB
11.May Diver - Rolling back drunk in the morning 2:26MP3 2.22 MB
12.Joseph Goulden - Sunny Afternoon 2:36MP3 2.38 MB
13.John Durning - Bold O'Donaghue (Tommy Makem) 1:59MP3 1.81 MB
14.George McGill - Classical piece 2:45MP3 2.52 MB
15.Babs Thow - The Things We've Handed Down (Marc Cohn) 4:21MP3 3.98 MB
16.Dave Jones - Tribute to John Wright 1:19MP3 1.21 MB
17.Stan Graham - Mirabeau Bridge (Sam Larkin) 4:38MP3 4.24 MB
18.Miklas Borbe - Feel so Near (Dougie MacLean) 4:30MP3 4.12 MB
19.Moe - Curragh of Kildare 3:05MP3 2.83 MB
20.Declan McDonnel - John Anderson, My Jo (Robert Burns) 2:43MP3 2.48 MB
21.Stan Graham - Introduction to The Rose of Arendale 0:33MP3 0.51 MB
22.Jamboree Group - The Rose of Arendale 6:41MP3 6.10 MB
23.Gang of Three - Your Are Wonderful Tonight (Eric Clapton) 3:15MP3 2.97 MB

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