Music in the Castle
Easter 2006

This page contains some audible exerpts from Easter Music in the Castle Festival 14th to 17th of April 2006 in Benmore Castle, Argyll, Scotland.

If You have recordings that should be added, please send them to me. The recordings have been resampled to make them smaller. All data can be requested as uncompressed WAV files.

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Organisation:  Lorna & Dave Dewar
The tutors: Georg McGill:  Guitar
  Stan Graham: Songwriting
  Judy Dinning &
Kenny Spiers:

Listen to excerpts from the sessions...

If I have misspelled titles or names please bear with me and send me corrections via eMail!

Steve did and his credits for this wonderful piece of guitar musik has the correct reference now!

  Title Time Downloads
1.Another morning at Benmore 2:55MP3 2.0 MB
2.Davy Jones - Introduction to the weekend 2:06MP3 0.9 MB
3.Dave Dewar el al - Stan's birthday surprise 3:29MP3 1.6 MB
4.Davy Jones; Jim Morrison - Introduction 0:47MP3 0.4 MB
5.Jim Morrision - Some Roads 3:09MP3 2.9 MB
6.Georg McGill - Cats Rag 2:00MP3 1.9 MB
7.Alison Duncan - Awa', Whigs, Awa' 2:22MP3 2.2 MB
8.George Sanderson - Irish Lass 4:33MP3 4.3 MB
9.Peter - The Bostom Line 4:12MP3 3.9 MB
10.Brian Miller - Gallowa' Hills 3:27MP3 3.2 MB
11.Alistair Cassidy - Don't Think Twice 5:22MP3 5.0 MB
12.Jan Neuhaus - Hidden Gem 6:25MP3 6.0 MB
13.Pete and Chris Bosomworth - Navigator 4:21MP3 4.0 MB
14.Alan Sprung - The singing in my heart 3:38MP3 3.4 MB
15.Martyn Wyndham-Read - Where Ravens Feed 8:03MP3 7.5 MB
16.Eddy Afflek - The cares of tomorrow 3:29MP3 3.3 MB
17.Dot - Asking us to dance 3:06MP3 2.9 MB
18.? - Maggy Ann 3:04MP3 2.9 MB
19.Steve Harris - Miel Gow's Lament for the Death of his Second Wife 3:29MP3 3.3 MB
20.Brian Miller - Comment on Miel Gow's Lament for the Death of his Second Wife 0:26MP3 0.4 MB
21.Brian Kane - At the Rose Hotel 4:55MP3 4.6 MB
22.Babs Thow - Father of girls 2:16MP3 2.1 MB
23.Neil Mason - Mary Allen Porter 5:00MP3 4.7 MB
24.Jim Morrison - Opensville message 4:58MP3 4.7 MB
25.Georg McGill - Vestapool 3:42MP3 3.5 MB
26.Peter - Someone to share it all 4:30MP3 4.2 MB
27.Alison Duncan - The false bride 4:08MP3 3.9 MB
28.Georg Sandeson - No one can sing the Blues like blind Willy Motel 6:14MP3 5.8 MB
29.Brian Miller - The Lion and the Glove 4:10MP3 3.9 MB
30.Alistair Cassidy - Bees wing 7:06MP3 6.6 MB
31.Junior McGill - Stuck on You 3:41MP3 3.5 MB
32.Jan Neuhaus - Butterfly 4:47MP3 4.5 MB
33.Pete and Chris Bosomworth - Eavesdropper 2:40MP3 2.5 MB

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