Music in the Castle
Easter 2005

This page contains some audible exerpts from Easter Music in the Castle Festival 26th to 28th of April 2005 in Benmore Castle, Argyll, Scotland.

If You have recordings that should be added, please send them to me. Some of the recordings have been resampled to make them smaller. All data can be requested as uncompressed WAV files.

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Organisation:  Lorna & Dave Dewar
The tutors: Georg McGill:  Guitar
  Stan Graham: Songwriting

Listen to new written songs and parts of the fun...

  Title Time Downloads
1.Morning noises at Benmore Centre 3:34MP3 1.3 MB
2.Writing Games19:59MP3 7.19 MB
3.George Sandeson - Scrapbook 4:04MP3 3.91 MB
4.Talk after Georges song 0:14MP3 0.08 MB
5.Intro to Jans song 0:28MP3 0.17 MB
6.Jan Neuhaus - You saved my tomorrow 2:23MP3 2.29 MB
Scores (PDF)
7.Talk after Jans song 1:33MP3 0.56 MB
8.Intro to Alistairs song 0:24MP3 0.14 MB
9.Alistair Cassidy - Leaving Home 2:31MP3 2.43 MB
10.Talk after Alistairs song 4:37MP3 1.66 MB
11.Lyrics of Sharon and Eric 2:28MP3 0.89 MB
12.Lyrics of Jean 4:03MP3 1.46 MB
13.Lyrics of Norman 1:28MP3 0.53 MB
14.Intro to Alisons and Ayelets song 1:11MP3 0.42 MB
15.Alison Duncun; Ayelet Natev; Georg McGill - Benmore 2:35MP3 2.48 MB
16.Talk after Alison and Ayelets song 1:47MP3 0.64 MB
17.Lyrics of Chris - Bernies_Caf' 4:55MP3 1.77 MB
18.Final words 6:22MP3 2.29 MB

Design & Implementation Jan Neuhaus